We want the Open University to stop investing in dirty fuel which, waste our planet’s resources, increase global warming and pollute our air.

Ways to get involved

Students & Alumni

If you would like to support us, please: Sign the Petition.

You could also write a letter to the OU finance director.

As with any campaign, word or mouth is key, please spread the word, and let your peers know about the campaign by, for example, posting on the module forums and social media groups.


If you are staff at the OU, please sign up to the OU staff declaration of support, if you are willing, then please, email us.


Information about the investments

Does the University invest in fossil fuels?

Yes, the Open University is very protective about information relating to it’s investments however after multiple requests for information under the freedom of information act we found out that the university invests in multiple funds which support the fossil fuel industry.

Why should the OU divest?

The OU teaches about the problems of climate change and the importance of sustainability but continues to support oil companies including Exxon. In any doubt about climate change? See what the scientists think.

#OUdivest is attempting to engage the Open University’s finance department in dialogue but our attempts are going ignored even though this campaign has the backing of 1500 OU students, alumni and staff.


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